About Us

PIA's Board of Directors is led by a twelve members currently chaired by Amgen's Vice-President & General Manager, Mr. Robert Maroney.

There are 5 permanent committees:

  1. Competitiveness
  2. Patients Outcomes
  3. Quality Assurance
  4. Communications & Public Affairs
  5. Government Affairs}

As of 2012, the pharmaceutical industry generates around 18,000 direct jobs in Puerto Rico. This represents 26% of the island's total employment in manufacturing. In addition, the pharmaceutical industry provides a major market for other island industries, small businesses and professional organizations that provide an ample range of goods and services including manufacturing components; food services; architectural design, and engineering; medical, legal and banking services; insurance; transportation; communication; and tourism, among others.

In terms of employment, the sector's activity generates over 68,000 indirect and induced jobs in the rest of the economy. The impact of the pharmaceutical industry on the local economy is also evident through its payroll. Currently, the average wage among production workers is among the highest salaries paid in Puerto Rico. The pharmaceutical industry represents 26.5% of the Island’s Gross Domestic Product. And, in 2012, Puerto Rico exports in the pharmaceutical industry represented about 57% of all exported commodities.