Board of Directors

PIA-PR 2017 Board of Directors

The PIA-PR Board of Directors is composed of twelve members, represented by a top executive in Puerto Rico. Sixe of these members represent the manufacturing sector and sixe represent the commercial sector. In addition, there are three ex-officio members: the PIA-PR Operations Vice President, PIA-PR Legal Counselor, and PIA-PR Advisor to the Board

PIA-PR gathers and represents research-based multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with operations on the island. These are 14 corporations organized in 26 manufacturing operations with 11 commercial entities. The biopharmaceutical industry represents 26.5% of the island's Gross Domestic Product 60% of all island imports and 98% of all island exports. The biopharmaceutical industry in Puerto Rico generates over 86,000 jobs on the island: 18,000 direct and 68,000 indirect.


Felipe Palacios

General Manager

AbbVie (Commercial)





Lourdes Colón

VP & General Manager

Eli Lilly (Manufacturing)





Elsa Saavedra

General Manager

AstraZeneca (Commercial)





David L. Thompson

General Manager

AbbVie (Manufacturing)





Anibal Carlo

VP & General Manager

Bristol Myers Squibb (Manufacturing)


David Jimenez

VP & General Manager

Johnson & Johnson (Commercial)




Kerry Ingalls

General Manager

Amgen (Manufacturing)


Wendy Perry

Managing Director

Merck (Commercial)



Ileana Quiñones

President & General Manager

IPR AstraZeneca (Manufacturing)


Luis A. Velez

General Manager




José Viera

General Manager

Allergan (Commercial)


Andrew Willy

General Manager

Amgen (Commercial)




Rafael Castro

VP Operations



Eduardo M. Negrón-Navas

Legal Counsel

Fiddler González & Rodríguez



Iván Román

Advisor to the Board

Stratech, LLC